Adrian Acoustics offers products and services such as furniture, acoustical accessories, and manufacturing services specializing in wood. All made in the USA.

Our newest products from Adrian Acoustics are the Acoustical Diffusion Decor Panels. We have had great responses since its beta process. The Acoustical Decor Wood Panels first started with a request to solve a sound problem in the room for an audiophile; usually the panels used to diffuse the sound waves are unattractive and made with a sponging material. Now, we have the same solution with an added bonus. Some of the opinions so far revolve around the idea that "it is an exquisite piece of decor that can enhance any hotel lobby, restaurant, or residential space."

Our furniture line adrian lifestyle furnishings offers many styles, colors, and options to fit your needs. We are focused on providing the best furniture for home theaters and modern living rooms.

Lastly, our manufacturing services Adrian Cabinets Arts  are open to designers who would like their creation brought to life. We have specialized in speakers and other forms of carpentry for over 48 years! We have worked for celebrity companies such as: Sony, McIntosh, VPI and many more! (See our extended list under (Need a manufacturer?).

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