Acoustical Diffusion and Decor PanelsTM

For walls and ceilings!

 Decor your wall with our ADDP Wood Panels starting with 1 piece or more! 
You can also go up to a full wall or ceiling.


Panel Size: 
23 7/8” x 23 7/8” x 7”
Standard Finish: White Primer
Base Structure: 13 Ply Birch Plywood Grid Cut
Top Structure: Certified MDF
Hardware Included (Walls only): Plastic Toggle, Drywall 
and Solid Wall anchors.
Weight: 20 Lbs

Panel Size: 33 ⅞” x 33 ⅞” 
Standard Finish: White Primer
Base Structure Material: 13 Ply Birch Plywood Grid Cut
Top of Base Structure: Certified MDF
Hardware Included (Walls Only): Plastic Toggle, Drywall and Solid Wall anchors.
Weight: 20 Lbs

Wood Finishes: Italian Rosewood, Italian Golden Oak, Italian Walnut, Ebony Macassar, Santos Rosewood, Maple, Walnut, and Cherry are finished in clear Lacquer. Black Ash is finished in black lacquer.
Custom Finishes: Colors available at customers request.

Gallery Information: 
Black Ash Veneer on top. Standard White Primer below.

Black Ash Close up
White Primer7" stand out4 Panel Side ViewWave Tiles7" Side view