“What a long way it has been. I started cabinetry early, as a teenager in my native country, and was mentored by my oldest cousin. I came to the USA on late 1967. My first job was sweeping floors in GEM CAB. Three months later I was promoted to foreman and then general supervisor.

In 1973, I incorporated my company in New York called Adrian Cabinets Arts Corp. My very first customer was OHM Acoustics. I started fabricating the historical Lincoln Walsh Ohm A and Ohm F. Models from the first cabinet to the last when those models were discontinued. After OHM my following customers were Rectilinear Research, Advent Corp, Acoustics Research AR, and after that this company took off as high end and became enormous.”

-        Humberto Adrian

A Family Business

There is a fine line between family and business and we have made it this far, so it hasn’t been impossible! As a matter of fact it is nice that everyone has put their little piece of rice, or juicy T-Bone, on this plate. This family owned corporation has had, at some point, almost every Adrian family member involved including Humberto’s brothers Jorge “Uncle George” and Marco Adrian, who were involved since 1974 and specialized in areas such as paint or production in the states or in our abroad facility, but they have now retired.

After Humberto Adrian, the next generation, his daughters Monica Adrian and Allison Adrian, and his son Humberto Adrian Jr. are next in charge. Monica has been involved from the beginning since 1980. After school or during vacation she became part of the company by being involved in every way possible. After graduating from St. John’s College as a Programmer she began to work full time and since then she has become very important  to the company.Humberto Adrian Jr., he has been involved since 1993 who works hard and side by side with his dad out in the field. He later became a Production Supervisor. Jr.  also started cabinetry at a young age . Jr’s wife, Sandy, also works by Jr’s side and helps in the assembly and packaging department. Allison Adrian one of the youngest Adrian siblings, and newer generation, has joined recently after graduating from Albertus Magnus College '15. Allison is very energetic and has new ideas for the company she is becoming a great asset to the family business. 

And lastly, we have Tyrone McKoy. Mckoy has started with us since he was a teenager back in New York and has followed Humberto everywhere he goes. Humberto considers him like a son and we all consider him as family. As for the remaining family members they have stepped in and out but have always been an essential piece. 

Our Work Force

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Company. 

Over the years people come and go, we have moved, and times change; but those who have proven their loyalty and followed us since they started with the company we have to sincerely appreciate and recognize their trust in us. Those who have been in the company for many years have taken the time and patience to train our new team. Every single one of us learns something new everyday from each other.