ADDP Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADDP?
The Acoustical Diffusion Décor Panels (ADDP) is very appreciated for its noise breaking technology and aesthetic image that successfully works in places such as: restaurants, bars, homes, retail businesses, listening rooms, office spaces, hospital and hotel lobbies. Well-known acoustical engineers, designers, and consumers within the audio industry, agree that these diffusion panels look great and consider them a high end product.
Where are the Acoustical Diffusion Décor Panels made?
The panels are made in our manufacturing facility located in Bridgeport, Connecticut USA!

Who are the designers?
Humberto and Monica Adrian 
What are the ADDP Prices?
Our work is custom made therefore prices vary. To better serve you please contact us by phone or email: 
1(203) 368-9540 or info@adrianhometheater.com and we will promptly get back to you.

What is the lead time for orders?
All orders are custom made therefore they must be prepaid. Once the payment is received it will take up to 3 weeks no latter than that. If an unforeseen issue comes up we will contact you directly. We always keep our clients updated with their order status.
What solutions does our product bring?
When sound bounces off hard flat surfaces, the energy remains very much intact yielding discrete echoes. These echoes produce destructive effects which degrade speech intelligibility and music clarity.

What makes us different from the others?
Our great designing team and their capability to produce in house allows us to easily customize each order.

What is the technology involved?
The use of CNC machines, high grade MDF (Certified Formaldehyde Free) and real wood veneers, which enable us to craft and treat each room to a desired style. We use a grid cut back to soften the air turbulence and the front of the panels are designed with 3D wave shaped tiles and strategically sized blocks to break the sound resonance.

How can I style my space with the panels?
You are the artist now bring your visualization to life! The ADDP panels can be; placed separately or stacked on, go from square to diamond to drastically change its look, and you can have a single color or multiple color panels! We can have them custom painted (at an additional cost) in any color you prefer. Visit our ADDP GALLERY for inspirational decorating ideas.

What are the chances of carrying your product in my store/site?
We are always happy to hear the proposals or interest in all businesses willing to carry our products. You can submit your information and proposal at info@adrianhometheater.com and we will promptly get back to you with a response.